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They have arrived!

After traveling for almost 2 days Sammy, Pastor Hirbo and David have arrived!  They were delayed in Amsterdam overnight because of their flight being delayed in Nairobi. They had quite an experience traveling!

I have decided I must share Pastor Hirbo with others because it just wouldn’t be right not to share him. He is hilarious!  I have been trying to write down the things he is saying to share with you. Pastor Hirbo is so amazed at everything!  He stayed awake the whole flight from Nairobi to Amsterdam as he watched the flight tracker for the entire 8 hours!  Sammy and David told me he would look out the window and compare what he was seeing with the tracker – traveling over Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt and on to Amsterdam.

Here are some of Pastor Hirbo’s observations and questions:

*is it illegal for people not to own a car? (He hadn’t seen anyone walking)

*Are there any lions or wild animals in those trees (the ones along Ga. 400)

*Are you allowed to drive old cars on Ga. 400?  He has decided everyone has a new car in America. What we consider old is not old in Marsabit.

*And Pastor Hirbo is your conscience speaking out loud. We went to the music store to buy music equipment and when Pastor Hirbo saw the prices of the equipment. He said “there are hungry people”

Pastor Hirbo and David asked me tonight before going to bed – is there hot water in the shower and is the water in the tap safe to drink. Things we take for granted aren’t always available for our staff in Kenya.

All three of them are so excited to be here!  They look forward to meeting many of you. The next three weeks will be a blessing!


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