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They will remember

When we first went to Turkana the men sat on one side and the women on the other in very traditional ways. They did not trust these white people who had come and would not let us take any photos. When Laban told them we were there to help them and not hurt them they say we could take photos. As we were leaving they brought to us an old man and said if we really wanted to help we could help him. I didn’t need by nursing skills to know the old man had cataracts and they were “ripe” – ready for surgery. He was nearly blind at that point. Through Laban interpreting for me I told them that. We left and God challenged me to do something. We visited the hospital in Lodwar and found they could remove the cataracts for him – they had an eye surgery department. We gave funds to GOA and they wired them for his surgery. Dr. James helped to facilitate his surgery. I just received this email from Laban about this old man who is now a Christian! Dear Connie Old man Akutan, he of the cataract removal at Sopel, is now well and seeing again without problems, thanks to your extended mercy and comfort to him.  He and his wife were at the Sopel church to meet the visitors (Joy and Richard) coming and, I believe, they had been told there was a lady missionary from America coming and he instantly imagined it was his dear Connie. With his wife, they were in place at the church very early not to miss on the friend who helped to have his failing eyesight corrected.  He did not see you and that was somehow disappointing for him.  He summoned me at the end of the sermon and talk by Richard, Joy and myself.  He demanded to know where you were and I had to look for an interpreter to get the gist of his many words to me. When we got on the same linguistic level, I was able to hear him asking about the lady who helped him see; the wife was there to put in a word or two when the husband hesitated in his expressions.  They said they had brought a goat as a gift and wanted me to take a picture with them with the goat of thanksgiving.  The constant reference to you was enough for me to know they had intended it for you. We left with the goat initially intending to enjoy a barbeque with the pastors, but on remembering Pastor John Edung of Nayanae who is sick in Lodwar, we decided to donate the goat so that the mutton may add onto his lean nutritional base.  He needs a lot of proper feeding as he recuperates.   We continue to pray for him and he called me on my way back from Lodwar to tell me that he was feeling the effect of the prayers and that he was getting stronger.  Praise God. My response to Laban – Laban thank you my special brother in Christ for taking the time to share the story of Akutan with me. How very special and how it touched my heart to know that God used me in this simple, humble way to do what He does for us everyday – just love us. I remember so clearly how the old man challenged us that day as if to say if you are Christian – show us – spread the gospel use words only when necessary. Without your guidance and God’s clear direction I would have never paid for his cataracts to be removed. And I remember he has several very young wives who love him very much. May they know God and may all their children know our God of love. They will remember our acts of kindness, Connie

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