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Today is the launch of the new Partners for Care website

Today is launch day for the new Partners for Care website. And, today is the day we hope to have 473 people go to the website and donate to help save the lives of the children in Kenya. All the funds raised will be sent to the team in Kenya – the team you will see on the website. What do they do with the funds? They buy bednets for the children; they will buy medications they need for the Partners for Care health clinic; they buy sacks and seedings for sack gardens; they will use the funds to harvest the crop from the PFC Hope Farm that is ready; they use the funds to help the children of Parkishon. Everything they do is focused on helping prevent the deaths of the 473 children that die everyday in Kenya.

Thank you for helping the team in Kenya. 

One of the Parkishon children PFC helps

Praying for the team in Kenya as they work to reach the children,


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