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Treat and Wash – Anti-scabies Campaign

After having so many patients come to the Partners for Care medical clinic for treatment of scabies, Dr. Mercy (our clinic doctor) decided to do something about the problem of scabies in Marurui slum.

The PFC staff has organized a campaign – Treat and Wash. Staff have mobilized 60 staff, community health workers and volunteers to go door to door in Marurui slum treating anyone with scabies and giving people laundry detergent to wash all the linen in their household. The campaign will take 3 days to reach all 1000 households in Marurui slum.

The attached flyer was developed by John, PFC Computer School Director. The outreach team has taken the flyers to all the schools and churches in the area so they can inform the people of Marurui. The teachers in the schools told the PFC staff that so many children have scabies. Everywhere they went people were happy and appreciative to hear about the campaign.

I am proud of the PFC staff for having the compassion to help eliminate scabies  (sometimes called the hidden disease) for those suffering.

From Kenya,


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