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The following is an email received today from Bishop David Thagana of Glory Outreach Assembly. For those planning trips to Kenya this year please read carefully to understand the immediate needs of GOA and the people of Kenya. Dear Friend,

Since post election violence broke in Kenya over 300,000 people have been internally displaced, while 1000 people have died. Peace is slowly returning to all parts of Kenya. No violence has been reported in any part of the Country in the last couple of weeks. Tourists and Mission teams have started coming in. A team from Mt Pisgah United Methodist Church played with Merciful Redeemer kids, fed the displaced people in Mathare North and preached a power message from Luke 10:2-5-37 at the Nairobi GOA church on Sunday Feb 17th. Today they are serving in Maji Mazuri project and on Friday they join my wife Joyce and myself to Beat the Drum, Strong Tower and finally Tumaini Children’s home.

On Monday 355 tourists landed in Mombasa beach. Now we are not worried about violence. We are worried about:

1. That the opposition and the government may not agree in the near future. They have started shifting goal posts in their discussions with Kofi Anani.

2. Resettling the displaced. Basic needs like food, clothes, medicine, sanitation are a huge need particulary among the internally displaced people, and the families that are hosting other displaced people in very small houses.

Different people have responded in different ways since our nation started suffering. While some have devoted their time to pray, others have come to comfort us and others have sent funds which we desparately need. We thank all of you for your support at this critical time of our nation. While the minority have turned their compassion into action in one way or the other, the majority have continued to say: The government and the opposition must agree. What is the United nations and red cross doing? What is the church doing?

Today I was presented with the attached report of what GOA Peace and reconciliation ministry in partnership with Partners for Care have been doing while I was away. It is refered to as the Peace bus initiative. You will be blessed like I was to see that your donations have continued to produce rays of hope to the displaced, naked , hungry, sick and helpless internally displaced people.


Going Deeper

Bishop David Thagana

Glory Outreach AssemblyP.O. Box 13940 00100 Nairobi, KenyaTel: + 254 (20) 606738/48Mobile: + 254727407247Skype: dthaganaEmail:

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