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Update – Elizabeth

I just spoke with Nick. Elizabeth has malaria. Malaria is the number one killer in the world mostly affecting children under 5 and pregnant women. Most deaths occur in subsahara Africa. Elizabeth is now on medication which hopefully will work quickly. When I was in nursing school we studied malaria – it was a tropical disease not possible to contract in the US. We only studied it in theory. Now I am around so many people with malaria I can usually diagnosis it even before the test is completed (not a sign of my nursing skills just a sign malaria is so common in Kenya). We do have nets for the children to sleep under but their living condition makes it almost impossible to prevent malaria and typhoid. Today we had someone join the effort to move the children and Nick and Charles now have $5,500 to build a home for 34 children, themselves and the aunties who care for the children. I am asking Pastor Omondi to oversee the building of the temporary structure. Pastor Omondi is the one who got Maggie’s School registered with the Kenyan goverment. He will do whatever it takes to get this structure built and move the children. Thank you for your prayers. Nick was so encouraged by the support!

Grateful for your prayers and for drugs that treat malaria and for the doctor who tested Elizabeth,


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