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Update on Baby Chello

The answer to my question about whether to help Baby Chello or wait came quickly and was consistent – help her. I appreciate those who took the time to advise us and those who prayed for us for wisdom. The quidance was wonderful.

We don’t know what the medical outcome for Baby Chello will be, but we know she will have what she needs to try to save her life. We went to Kenyatta Hospital last night to visit her and her Mom. We found Chello sitting up in bed dressed in a little pink dress. She is in a children’s ward with 16 beds all pushed together. The room was crowded with children and parents. While the children receive medical care, the parents are required to meet all their other needs.

Chello was breathing much easier as the doctors had placed a chest tube to remove the fluid. Her abdomen is still swollen with the tumor. On Monday (hopefully) she will receive a CT to determine the extent of the tumor and whether it has spread to her lungs….we pray not. We know Baby Chello has a serious medical condition. Dr. Vincent will continue to work with her doctors at the hospital and keep us informed of her status.

Baby Chello looked at Bridgette as if she could remember Bridgette is the one who took her to the hospital that day when her Mom brought her to the medical camp. Dr. Vincent prayed for Baby Chello before we left turning her over to the Great Physician.

I am so grateful for those who follow this blog reading, responding, advising and praying.

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