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Update on container

It hasn’t happened yet but it appears that something that I had visualized for over a year may actually happen!  And, when I look at all the things that had to occur along the way to make that a reality, I can only conclude it was meant to happen.

Over a year ago Nell from MedShare responded to my constant discussions about the need for equipment and supplies at the Marsabit Hospital by agreeing to ship containers full of equipment and supplies. We started a long process of working with the hospital to select what they needed, Nell worked to get the supplies donated and find a sponsor (CocaCol) and the PFC team did their part to secure the custom and port clearance.

I meantime visualized being there on the very day the doors of this 40 foot container were opened and the doctors, nurses and administrative staff saw their new beds, baby warmer, supplies, etc…. I knew it was a long shot so I didn’t think too seriously about it…but still hoped for that privilege.

I was scheduled to be in Marsabit February 4 – 8 with our board chair Gary Willis and his wife who is also a board member.  The container was  scheduled to arrive at the Kenya port the 3rd week of February.  Then last week we were notified it had arrived early and was at the port and had cleared customs.

It left Mombasa last Tuesday and was scheduled to arrive Thursday. Then we were notified the truck broke half-way to Nairobi and would be delayed.  A replacement truck was sent and they started the journey again.

We have received word today that the truck left Isiolo this morning and is to arrive in Marsabit tonight. If all continues to work out (still many things have to fall into place) 17 of us from PFC, Mt. Kenya University, Cris, Gary, etc. will join the hospital staff, the government officials, the pastors from Marsabit and of course Pastor Hirbo and his staff tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 p.m. as the container doors are opened.

What a privilege….

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