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Using God’s resources to do God’s work

If we believe all our money and resources belong to God and we believe He is the father to the fatherless, then how do you think He wants us to use our money? As I have been involved in serving in developing Nations for many years now I have some observations.

I have observed we sometimes will spend a lot of money on doing missions and not bring about a lot of change “on the ground” but we don’t spend a little amount of money when it could bring a big change “on the ground”. Sometimes teams will cost $50,000 to come to Kenya but starting and supporting a girls volleyball team or a boys soccer team in a slum costs very little yet can literally change the lives of these young people.

I always wonder why so many of the world’s children die from malaria when a $5.00 net can prevent malaria. I also believe if we can go to the moon, we could figure out how to put a net over every baby in the world. Covering every baby in the world with a net isn’t easy to do…but how hard was it to go to the moon?

I am constantly making decisions how to use the resources God allows us to have from our donors. Feed children? Start poultry projects? Buy medicine? I take very seriously these decisions and make them with God’s guidance and the guidance of the Kenyan Partners for Care staff. I am glad we in the US work as volunteers as I could not take money from the ministry. God has given me food (in fact too much food!), shelter, clothes and everything I need and much of what I thought I wanted.

This morning I was humbled when George gave me a little piece of paper with a request. He said “it is urgent”. The paper read:

1 volleyball net – 3,500 KSH ($50.00) 2 volleyballs – 5,000 KSH ($75.00)

So little money but these purchases could impact 20 girls from a slum. The what if? girls volleyball team does more than play the game. They are connected to the what if? Life Changing Center where they can enroll in the Second Change Program to get their primary or secondary education, learn computers or music. They are also witnessed to and taught how to prevent HIV/AIDS by living pure for Christ. I once read “educate a girl child in africa and you change the village”.

For me I can’t think of anything I have or would buy that could equal the joy of seeing the lives of these girls transformed. I think God would be pleased with using His resources to transform these girls and to not just tell them of the love of Christ but to show them.

I do believe teams should come – without teams coming we wouldn’t have the support of so many of our partners in the US – Bridgette, Linda, Elaine, Amy, Mindy, Pat and Craig, and too many others to list. But can we do both – invest a lot and a little?

Learning more and more everyday and grateful for God’s teachings,

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