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Visas denied

It was disappointing for Sammy and Justus and all the Partners for Care staff today as sammy and Justus were told – visas denied. The US Embassy doesn’t tell you why just says no. Only two people today at the US Embassy in Nairobi out of hundreds who were applying were granted visas. Of course, everyone is diappointed as the reality sets in of how hard it is to be given permission to visit the United States. Even though they are discouraged by the news they are strong believers that know “it is not their time”. They will continue to serve just where God has placed them. Thank you all for your prayers. We know God answered them even it wasn’t just as we wanted them. Ryan is there and that is good as he is able to support and encourage the team even in their disappointment. I spoke to both Sammy and Justus right after they were denied their visas and they are ok – just disappointed. Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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