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Water brings smiles to the children of Parkishon and Pastor Hirbo

Today I received this photo from Pastor Hirbo.  He wanted to show everyone how happy the children were when he delivered the truck of water we sent funds for!

Imagine children being so happy just because they will have clean water to drink. It is good to see Pastor Hirbo smiling after all he has been dealing with. Malaria, sick children, hunger and the deaths of children – these are the realities for Pastor as he serves the people of Marsabit.

Pastor Hirbo told me he bought milk for 17 children who had not had any milk for two months. Reminds me of Mother Teresa who said if you can’t feed 100 children just feed one….or in Pastor Hirbo’s case 17.

So many of sent word you were praying for Pastor Hirbo. He says thank you to all of you.


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