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We are asking for your help……

We are asking for your help on the day of the launch of our new website – July 27, 2012.  Please spread the word of our launch campaign by sending the attached campaign card to others through email, Facebook, and other social media.  Our goal for launch day is to have 473 people visit our new website and donate!  

Why 473?  

That is how many children die everyday in Kenya – they die from things that can be prevented.  They die from malaria for the lack of a bed net.  A bed net cost $5.00.  They die from malnutrition.  A sack garden that grows vegetables for a child costs $10.00.  They die from pneumonia that isn’t treated.  Treatment in the Partners for Care clinic costs 50 cents.  They die from HIV/AIDS.  The Partners for Care team reaches thousands with the message of how to prevent babies from being born infected.  All of the funds we raise that day will go to Kenya so the Partners for Care team can do what they do best – prevent children from dying.  The question is what if? 473 children didn’t die everyday in Kenya.  

You can help be part of the answer.  Just 12 days to spread the word….so we are asking for your help.

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