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We wait and pray

On Monday, Kenyans will vote for their new President. This time five years ago when Kenya had their presidential election was as some call “the darkest hours in Kenya’s history”. While there are hopeful signs things will be different this time, there are other signs of potential violence. The presidential candidates came together last weekend and prayed in a public forum. They pledged to accept the election outcome.

Mathare slum, home to people that many of you know – Christina, Joyce, CT staff, etc. has experienced violence this last week. Five years ago Mathare slum was one of the worst areas affected by the violence.

Some of the Partners for Care have already traveled home to their villages to be with their families. Monday is a national holiday so PFC staff will wait to see if there is any violence before they travel back to Nairobi. Sammy has offered Nick, Charles and Jenga to stay at the PFC house and advised them to stay out of Mathare slum.

We are watching the news and will put links on our website

Many in the world pray that Kenya peacefully elects its leaders.

Waiting and praying, Connie

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