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What If? Concert Tour

If someone doesn’t believe the difference sin and salvation can make in an individual’s life and even in an entire community they should come visit the two villages near Mombasa where we have held the What If? Concerts. The first village MTV was so oppressive with sin and darkness you could see it everywhere and even feel it as you walked through the village, as you went into the shops. Everywhere and I really mean everywhere you see old white American men with young (as young as 16) Kenya women. Prostitution is very common here. Pastor Jack, our host GOA church told us there is widespread drug use and child trafficking. He said the village sleeps at 5 am and wakes up late in the afternoon.

Pastor Omondi leading people to Christ

When Pastor Omondi preached and made the call for those to accept Christ he could feel the resistance of the crowd, feel the hardness. A few stepped forward. In the morning after a powerful message from Pastor Omondi a dozen people came forward which was a big victory for Jesus. We prayed for the people of this village the next morning as a team before we moved two hours further up coast.

A picture of the people present during the concert

Now we are in Watamu – an entirely different village. The people are gentle, respectful and welcoming. We worked with about a dozen pastors here on the ground. After meeting with them and showing them Dr. Lumumba’s speech they have formed a pastor’s group to address the HIV/AIDS issue. They will keep in communication with us. I have referred them to Rick Warren’s web site on how churches can get involved in the HIV/AIDS issue. And when Pastor Omondi made the call the first night 73 stepped forward to accept Christ. The second night 85 gave their lives to Christ. All names were recorded by the church leadership and each was given a salvation bible. We were blessed once again to visit Justus’ and David’s home, meet their pastors and walk their village. They have become the village heros. People from the church where Justus slept for three years cried when they saw Justus on the stage singing. They have many family members in this village. Franko another Temples of Worship member also has many family members in and around this village. The Temples of Worship performed their very best for their hometown crowd. David sang to the crowd “Smile Again”. With the cross on the stage they sang “Remember Me” with Justus singing to the people where he wrote the song.

The Temples of Worship singing Remember Me

It was all most impossible to leave. The crowd stayed around the bus as we tried to load and leave. The pastors and the people just want the team to return and stay longer. We have much of the What If? Concert Tours recorded as Elly is still with us and recording for a TV story. Blessed to see so many say yes to Jesus, Connie

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