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What If? Concert tour a success

The last of the What If? Concerts were held in villages near Mombasa. The team returned to Nairobi on Christmas Eve day travelling through the night. The team was tired but not too tired to arrange to meet and interview Dr. Lumumba for the TV story to hear his words about the What If? Concert tour and the next steps. He launched the tour in Lumuru at the first What If? Concert so we wanted to end with him. He was so inspiring and encouraging. He has become our spokesperson for this What If? campaign. He said it is time we win the war against HIV/Aids, declare victory and have the NGOs pack and go home. He said we need missionary zeal to fight this disease that is destroying people and the economies of developing nations. He said this is a marathon not a relay. He wants us to do a big What If? Concert in Nairobi using all the media and the chuches. I will meet with him when I return. During this tour over 10,000 were reached with the message of living pure for Christ. And 323 people said yes to Jesus! All were given bibles and taken by a local pastor for followup. Thousands signed the committment cards committing to do their part to create a HIV-free generation – to wait until marriage, be faithful to one partner and to test and know their status. The team from their experience of doing 8 What If? Concerts have developed a four hour What If? presentation. The Temples of Worship open with some worship songs, Pastor Omondi then asks the audience What If? there was no HiV/AIDS. What would the world look like? What would Kenya look like? Then more worship songs. Then Pastor Omondi preaches a powerful message of Living Pure for God. He asks the audience to sign committment cards that say Yes We Can create a HiV-free generation – committing to test and know their status, wait until marriage and stay faithful to one partner. Then as the cross is raised and the Temples of Worship sing Remember Me he asked those not born again to accept Christ as their personal savior. Those who step forward are taken to a private area and given bibles from local pastors who record their names and contact information. This approach not only focuses on awarerness but calls for people to accept Jesus and live pure for Him. The next steps will be going to as many venues as they can with these presentations – high schools, colleges, universities, large church youth groups, etc. Thank you for your prayers and support. We travelled all over Kenya sleeping in small hotels, eating local food, and sometimes not sleeping much but the team did well. The team also had many spiritual challenges but we prayed through them. Fighting AIDS in Kenya, Connie

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