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What people are saying about what if?

The Partners for Care staff feel the pain of HIV/AIDS. While none of them are infected, all of them are affected by this disease. For some their. parents are infected, some their sister is infected and with Njokie it is 8 year Brian, her nephew who has AIDs. He lives with us in the Partners for Care house. Their ministry passion is to do their part to create an HIV-free generation. They do this with their what if? program. They use the music of the Temples of Worship to draw thousands of people together. Once gathered Pastor Omondi preaches PURE and how following God’s plan can protect people from this disease. As they go deep into Kenya – to the villages they are reaching people with the message what if? there was no HIV/AIDS. I wanted to share with you what people are saying about their what if? program. A woman from Mombasa wrote this of their recent tour: Whenever I heard the words WHAT IF? I thought “What a strange phrase”, but as I continued seeing the words on their t-shirts, bracelets and caps, the message slowly started sinking and hit home with a bang. WHAT IF there was no Aids in the world? WHAT IF everyone played their roles correctly in the society? WHAT IF the young actually abstained? WHAT IF partners were faithful? WHAT IF mothers took precautions in pregnancy WHAT IF all of us knew our status? WHAT IF teachers taught it in schools? WHAT IF preachers told their congregations? WHAT IF all musicians mentioned this on stage? WHAT IF? WHAT IF? WHAT IF? It started sinking so deep it became a tormenting effect in my spirit; the next thing I had to do was run to a VCT and get my status checked Living in a village where prostitution is profession like any other, where drugs are abused openly, where underage girls marry their grandfathers and it’s considered an achievement? Where people are dying of AIDS and the community still talks of witchcraft, there is the importance of the WHAT IF message being preached and drummed into people’s heads on a day today basis. The impact of the gospel coming from youngsters, who can sing and dance to their God and still tell the world we have a chance to eradicate AIDS has hit the youngsters of Watamu, and when I walk around and hear them say that was cool I feel good because I know its not just the music that was cool its not just the dancing the message of GODS hope to his people and the WHAT IF option has also struck them. I want to ask each and every one of you to pass this question to your friends, let the What if Message reaches millions in the world. The team behind The What If Message Lady Njoki God bless you so much you have a huge task- iyour role so well played Sammy May God lift you higher and higher your blessed hands does wonders on that Keyboard Sam the what if? sermons were great- you are going far George you are very special keep the candle burning dear David you have a voice that can draw many to Christ use it well Justus young and likeable take time to venture deeper you have what it takes Franco always smiling keep it up, It’s a blessing,i wish i could draw your smile Pastor Omondi the spiritual father of this great group_ you have a major task-and sufficient grace to see you through You will not only do this in Kenya, but all Africa and the entire world WHAT IF there was no AIDS In the world? WHAT IF?

And a Muslim woman said:

“I am proud of you people, I am a Muslim but I liked the what if? message, it is so clear to the young people, it is wonderfull to see young people like you so passionate about creating the awareness and preaching the message of pure to the young people, we need you here in Mombasa! Please come again soon! I can arrange with the sheikhs who lead most of the mosque around here to help mobilize our youths to join you next time, please come and teach our children, please come! Our children are infected because no one is talking to them”.

A pastor said:

Brethren, when I saw this team wearing the what if? T-shirts and caps, I was troubled within me what does it mean! But the message is very clear when this team is performing! As a pastor I don’t remember any one time I spoke to anyone including my family about HIV/AIDS! I am so a shamed of my neglegence. Pastors let us wake up and reach our community with this what if? message. Pastors we can’t afford to be silent about AIDS again, we must address it from the pulpit, it is in the church and we must face it!”. Franklin Grahm once wrote that HIV/AIDS is the greatest opportunity for evangelism the world has ever seen. The above testimonies from those attending the what if? concerts are demostrating he was right. Attacking the disease of HIV/AIDs using God’s word, Connie

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