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Who will go to Marsabit? He asked, whom shall I send?

We received Mare’s report from Marsabit. As Ryan and I sat yesterday in our weekly planning meeting we read her words together, out loud. We wanted to be sure we were understanding her words. Mare’s report is more like a prayer than a report. First, as in prayer she remembers to praise and give thanks to God because of the recent rains the cattle have grass to eat. Mare who is first born was sent to Nairobi to be educated as a social worker. Then she returned to Marsabit as she is now responsible to help her 10 siblings. Family dynamics make her role even more pressing. Now she writes in her report she has “adopted” five orphans – the hurting and the homeless Mare describes them. And, she prays for God to help her adopt 5 more orphans this year – children living positively. Translated the children are infected with HIV/AIDS. Mare’s report goes on to say many don’t want to come to Marsabit as the conditions are harsh and people tire riding on top of the lory. She concludes her report reminding Ryan and I least we have forgotten to find partners to help with all the orphans in Marsabit. We haven’t forgotten. One doesn’t ever forget Mare or Marsabit once meeting her and being in the harsh conditions she lives and serves in. We are returning to Marsabit in August. (We will take a bus from Nairobi though – we will not ride top of the lorry). For Ryan and I that seems a long time from now as we both want to be there to help Mare. Anyone wishing to join us should pray for God’s directions. And, if you want Ryan just finished a video showing Mare’s work in Marsabit. We will send you one at your request. Watch it and see if you can forget what you see. Watch it and see if God is calling you to Marsabit.

Praying with and for Mare and the orphans she cares for,

Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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