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A drought impacts everything

I am in Kenya and early Monday morning we travel to help Pastor Hirbo provide humanitarian relief to a remote village of 150 families of the Gabra tribe. This small village consists of scattered huts made from sticks, plastic bags and cow dung. Pastor Hirbo has visited them and they are suffering because of a lack of food and water. A team of six led by Pastor Andy from NewLife Church from Ohio State is here with me and will go to Marsabit to help.

Today Sammy along with some of his staff and Pastor Andy and his wife Felicia searched for food for hours going far to the fields to purchase beans and maize. The drought has affected even food availability in Nairobi.  The large bag of beans and maize sit outside along with maize flour ready to be loaded on a truck to go with us to Marsabit for the families in this village. We are also getting a truck of water for them. We are taking 300 water packs for them – 2 packs per family to store their water.

With rationing this food will feed the 150 Gabra families for a month.  They will consume one meal a day. The food and water and transport costs approximately $7,500 or $50 a family to sustain them until hopefully the rains come or the international humanitarian organizations reach them.

As a small organization focused on development we can’t do as much as we would like to but we can do something and with the help of those who have donated to our drought relief fund we are doing what we can.

I am thinking of all the little children that on Tuesday will have food and water!

From Kenya,


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