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A plan

I appreciate all those who sent encouraging messages after I sent my email about feeling discouraged and despair after seeing the dire situation of the people in Northern Kenya, Marsabit and especially Parkishon. I wanted to share a few of the photos we took so you can understand the situation. The first photo is of the dam (reservoir) where the women were getting water. You can see it is completely dry.

The second is little Yolanda. She was returning from the bush with sticks for fire. She is six years old. She is in our water backpack safe water intervention program and was making great progress. But now without water and food she will lose the little she was gaining.

The third is a Rendile woman and her baby.

And the last photo is the dam before the drought.

In the book When Helping Hurts, the authors teach us the difference between relief and development. Partners for Care is a big believer in development and our programs – farms, computer schools, literacy programs, water backpack program, etc. reflect our belief in development. But, there is a time for relief. The situation at Parkishon calls for relief. They desperately need water and food.

I have learned getting water to Parkishon is not as complicated as I thought it would be. The government has put a large tank at Parkishon. Water must be moved there by truck from areas that have water. We can move three truck loads of water which will fill the tank and provide each of the 380 families two water backpacks full of water everyday.  This will provide enough water for cooking and drinking. Three trucks of water water will last two months.

Food will need to be taken to Marsabit from Nairobi. We took food a year ago when the drought was bad. This cost $10,000.  We have a grinder so the the maze can be ground.

The government offices in Marsabit are trying to help. They have $10.00 worth of need and a $1.00 to spend. Many are in need.

As soon as we have funds for water and food Pastor Hirbo and the PFC staff can quickly get food and water to the Parkishon children. I return to the US Thursday and I will try to do my part to raise the funds to provide relief to the Parkishon families.

Again I want to thank everyone for the encouragement and prayers!  They worked!  It helped to remember to never give up or grow weary but to keep trying. It helped me to remember how many people do care for the work of PFC.  And, it showed me I am not alone in this work!  Thank you!

Blessings from Kenya,


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