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Despair and discouragement

This trip has been very difficult and I found myself falling into despair and discouragement.  We have been working in Marsabit for many years. When we first started the region was suffering from a severe drought. Then two years ago they were blessed with rain. The reservoirs filled with water, the crops grew and the even the cattle benefited from the rain. Then the drought came again and the people are suffering.

We have worked with the 370 families in Parkishon trying to bring safe water, education and hope. These families live in mayattas and are almost 100% illiterate. They are some of the most marginalized in the world. The children were improving in health with the introduction of the water backpacks and the teaching of safe water. But, the children are at risk again. We went to see them this trip. We played with them and took pictures of their beautiful children.  When we left a sadness and hopelessness covered all of us like a dark cloud. All but Pastor Hirbo. He remains hopeful because he has more faith than I do.

This morning I woke and took one of my famous yellow pads and wrote the title Parkishon – how PFC has helped. And, on the list is the following:

1. All the donors who have a heart for these people – you know who you are 2. Our water backpack safe water project – the children are nutritionally improved even though they still look frail to me 3. PFC paid 5 community health volunteers in this area to help with the project being much needed funds to these 5 families 4. PFC has treated 550 for jiggers in Parkishon and the children do not suffer from jiggers 5. We in partnership with MedShare and Coca Cola Foundation Africa we have brought 7 40 foot containers to the Marsabit County Hospital totaling transformation the hospital. The hospital has tripled the number of moms delivering at the hospital instead of delivering their babies alone in the mayatas 6. Pastor Hirbo and his staff who go regularly to help the families of Parkishon – he has rescued the most desperate of the children and restores them in his own home. He is always ready to rescue a child who is desperately sick 7. We are working on a partnership with Georgia Tech University to bring Engineers Without Borders to drill a deep well in this area 8. And, we are telling the story of the Parkishon families for the purpose of bringing more resources to help lift them out of poverty

One other thing has helped me restore my belief that there is hope is Danny (my right hand person in the US) sent me an email with the verse do not grow weary….and he attached for me to read some of the encouraging notes that came with the year end donations. And the notes were very encouraging.

Thank you for all those who support the work of Pastor Hirbo and all the PFC staff who serve those most in need. The country of Kenya is developing.  PFC staff are helping those that developed hasn’t reaches yet.

Blessings from Kenya,


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