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Doing Good and Changing Lives

We take it forgranted that everyday we wake up in the morning and have no qualms about where or how we will access water. For the residents of Parkishon village in Marsabit County, water especially safe water is a luxury. This elderly mother was washing her hands after visiting the washroom for the first time in sixty-two years. This is because safe water is scarce in the region.

The water backpack is offers a solution to the safe water access as it provides them with a tool to store and transport safe water. The PFC staff in Marsabit have empowered them with the knowledge on the importance of safe water and WASH. This is all in an effort to prevent waterborne illnesses. WithGod by our side, a dedicated team in place, cooperative residents, a supportive County government, we hope to bring the prevalence rate of waterborne illnesses to 0% in Marsabit County.

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