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From Bridgette: The Power of One

At 5:30am yesterday morning, we took a short flight down to the coastal area of Mombasa near Tanzania ‎to a small village called Malindi. Part of our PFC team lives and works in this area-Pastor Peter and his wife Joyce, and their small team of 3 who share the passion of serving others using a literacy school, an IT computer school and community outreach.

We visited the center today where they are now teaching 50 people ages 5 to 85 every session – literacy and computer skills. As I observed and listened, I kept hearing story after story of how their teaching has changed not only them directly, but their brothers, mothers, and children as well!

I love that Partners for Care believes in nationals doing the teaching, reaching and ministering to their own people. They are the heroes not us! The realization that the literacy teacher Eunice or the IT teacher Peter’s efforts will affect positive change generationally is amazing!

We never truly know how one simple act can change a person forever. Whether it is simply encouraging and equipping a teacher in the slums of Africa trying to make a difference…or our next door neighbor, I have realized that at the end of the day, we have ALL been blessed in some way so that we can be a blessing to somebody else. Not only in America – but in Africa too. Here I have seen even the poorest of the poor go out of their way to teach, encourage or mentor another. And we may never know the fruits from that labor for perhaps generations to come. I am so encouraged by their passion-for the joy that it brings them…and for the many, many blessings those reading this have given to so many here 10,000 miles away that you will most likely never meet. Wouldn’t and couldn’t our world be such a better place if each one of us went out of our way to take the time and energy to make a difference in someone else’s life? Your support is allowing the Partners For Care team here in Malindi, Africa to do just that…one computer/literacy teacher at a time. Bridgette

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