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Have you changed a life today?

Always when I am in Kenya there are moments when one of the PFC staff will say something that touches me. One of the blessings of being here is to hear the staff share about their work, their passion and what guides them. We spend a lot of time just listening as they tell us what they are doing on the ground. It isn’t possible for us to capture all their stories but we try.

One morning I was talking with one of our staff as he passionately told of a little boy and how PFC was helping to change the life of this small child. Our staff member declared that every night as the day closes he ask himself “did I change a life today?”.

It is a blessing to be in Kenya with the PFC Kenyan team who everyday try to change the life of someone.

Thank you for all your support of PFC which helps the PFC staff change a life.

Blessings from Kenya,


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