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Hope amidst the severe drought

We have just returned from Marsabit where there is a severe drought. Even the camels known as the kings of the desert are dying. It was shocking to all of us to see a camel that had died because of the drought.

But we found hope amidst all the suffering. We found hope in the amazing resilience of the tribal people. They are surviving on very little food and water, when we delivered food the leaders in the village made sure all the food and water is distributed equally among the families. There is a strong sense of community as they fight to survive this drought.

We found hope in Miramar International College who were there at the same place we were staying training 250 nomadic tribal people on hydroponic farming. It is farming of fodder for the animals without using soil and very little water. We saw for ourselves in their demonstration farm that in 6 days time you can grow the fodder. This farming is perfect for the desert as a way to keep their animals alive.

We saw hope in the work of the Kenya Red Cross and in knowing the British Red Cross and the  German Red Cross were coming soon to help. And, I learned the International Red Cross is donating funds to the Kenya Red Cross.

We found hope in the team from the US that traveled with us to Marsabit. The team is led by Pastor Andy from NewLife Church, Columbus, Ohio.  Not an easy trip for anyone but they endured and served well.

We as always saw hope in Pastor Hirbo and his staff. We visited our computer school in Marsabit town and found students gathered around computers – sometimes two on one computer, learning skills that will help them go on to college or to get a job. This class of 41 students will join the other 400 who have graduated from the PFC Marsabit computer school.

We saw hope in our literacy school for the warriors in Parkishon. We saw hope when Pastor Hirbo made plans to bring a 9 month pregnant woman who we found in the village where we delivered relief food – 60 miles from Marsabit hospital. And those miles are all dirt roads through the desert. Pastor Hirbo will bring her to town and feed her, when she delivers he will ensure both mom and baby are healthy enough to return to the village. Pastor Hirbo believes there is always room for one more in his home (rescue center) even though he lives in a two bedroom home and is already caring for 10 children.

We saw hope in the food and water we were able to deliver because of those who have donated to the drought fund and continue to donate. When I spoke to the Red Cross staff I told them we were a small organization but we wanted to help with what we had. He told me anything that is done to help even small efforts is making a difference and saving lives.

It wasn’t easy to see such conditions but we take comfort in knowing there are those who care including so many of you who have donated and in knowing the international community is now engaging in helping the people of Marsabit County survive this drought.

Praying for rain,


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