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I just had to share

Sometimes I receive photos from the staff in Kenya that truly touch and inspire me. Today I received such photos and I wanted to share. Mobility carts, bednets and uniforms are changing lives!

The PFC staff continue to distribute mobility carts changing the life of every recipient. Here are photos of a teacher who can now write on the blackboard, a man who has been home for 20 years and now sells sweets from his mobility cart and can help support his family and another recipient who is using his cart to go to market with goods to sell.

We had a donor who donated funds for the staff to distribute a 1,000 bednets. The PFC staff have taken these nets deep into the villages and slums giving them to the elderly, the poorest of the poor and those who are disabled.

And, they gave uniforms to what Anthony told me was a “sitting volleyball” team.

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