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International Literacy Day

Today is International Literacy Day. This year’s theme is literacy in a digital world. Our literacy program in Nairobi was selected by the Kenya government to host a community event recognizing the importance of literacy. Our program was selected because it has the highest number of students who successfully complete the program.

Thanks to our partners and donors our programs use digital learning including E-readers and computers. We are grateful for our partner Worldreader and our donors Dwight Smith of SSICOM​ and Pete Gardner of Alterius Career College​ who provide us with our computers. We are also grateful for all the teachers and leaders in PFC who make sure we reach those most in need and help them learn to read and write. Learning to read and write and develop computer skills help​s​ our students start small businesses, go on to school or ​secure employment​.​

Thank you to all those who have donated in the past or who recently donated to our literacy campaign. Your donations and support are changing lives – one student at a time.


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