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Media Alert – US Non-Profit Launches Safe Water Program.docx

We are blessed to have a media firm who is launching a campaign for us tomorrow. They are doing this pro bono. We are grateful for this opportunity!

The campaign is “Packs for Kids – Providing Safe Water for School Children in Kenya”. The goal is to raise enough funds to put a water back pack in every classroom in Kenya. We have been able to put some water packs in schools and know that it has a huge impact reaching thousands of children giving them safe water. Safe water changes the health status of a child as they avoid the waterborne illnesses they get from drinking contaminated water.

You can help us by forwarding the attached news release to family, friends, churches, co-workers, media you know, etc. Our website has been updated to highlight the Packs for Kids campaign.

Thank you for your help. It is humbling to be able to make a difference in the live of a child just by providing a water backpack in their classroom. I have personally been in classrooms in Kenya where we have packs and the children tell me “their tummies don’t hurt anymore because they only drink water from the pack”.

“And I was thirsty and you gave them drink…” Mathew 24:35



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