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One of Our Own Needs Us

Eleven years ago I asked Pastor John and his wife Mary if they would care for 5 children infected with HIV/AIDS. Without hesitation they said yes. Since that time Pastor John and Mary have cared for many children providing them a loving home that the children call home.

Pastor John is the director of Kathi’s House named in honor of David Gruber’s wife who lost her battle with cancer. Pastor John has been a faithful servant. And, now he needs our help.

He became ill a month ago and isn’t getting better. He is back in the hospital. We have sent our doctor, Dr. Shadrack, to check on him. It appears he has insulin dependent diabetes. Insulin dependent diabetes is difficult to manage even here in the US where we have resources like glucometers, refrigerators, and other necessary equipment. Imagine trying to manage a chronic disease like diabetes living in a village in Kenya.

We continue to monitor Pastor John’s condition and we will provide him what he needs to adjust to this new situation. It is important to take care of those who take care of others like our own Pastor John.

David Gruber, Partners for Care Co-founder, has set a fund up for Pastor John’s medical expenses on our website at

And, of course prayers are welcomed.

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