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The work is good!

I just returned from Kenya. I am so happy with the work the Partners for Care staff are doing and for how others in Kenya have noticed their work and are engaged in helping.

Highlights include:

Water pack project – Greif official came to Kenya and met with the National Health Ministry and 20 other key people involved in the water back pack projects including the Vice Chancellor from Mt. Kenya University and the representative for all the Governor’s First Ladies. Plans continue to start the sewing center in Kenya. It is very exciting to be involved in creating jobs for women!

Jigger treatment – PFC have treated over 5,000 men, women and children for jiggers.  Mt. Kenya University is studying the impact of PFC’s jigger treatment program and its impact on the welfare of the children.

Medical team – we have been trying to work with the government to open the maternity ward in Marurui Clinic. Our medical team has been working at this government clinic since january. Two weeks ago a pregnant woman came to the clinic for a check-up. She was actually full-term and began to deliver her baby outside the clinic. Dr. Dennis and our medical team came outside and delivered her baby. Mom and baby are fine. This dramatic event motivated government officials to respond and they met with PFC staff. They understand the urgency of opening the maternity ward. Hopefully, this should happen soon so no more women have to give birth in their shanty homes.

Mt. Kenya University (MKU) – we are now working with three MKU professors. They are completing five research projects – 3 for water back packs, impact of jigger treatment and the transformation of the Marsabit Hospital. It is very exciting to have this university study the work of PFC and publish.

So…as you can see the work is good!  Thank you for your support, prayers and encouragement for the work of Partners for Care on the ground in Kenya.

Thank you!


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