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Update on the drought in Northern Kenya

As you know in Kenya the rains did not come last rain cycle creating a serious drought throughout the country. While many areas in Kenya are affected Northern Kenya is especially hard hit.

The government and the Kenya Red Cross are doing what they can to keep people alive especially the children age 5 and under. Partners for Care has responded by raising funds to send 2 truckloads of food and three truckloads of water to Marsabit.  We partnered with Nairobi Grace Chapel Church who donated food for us to take.

We are focusing on two villages – the 370 Rendile tribal families at Parkishon where we have a literacy school for the warriors and the 100 Gabra tribal families who live 30 kilometers interior. The food we have sent is providing one meal a day for a month for both villages. This can fill the gap as they wait for relief food to arrive and for the rains hopefully to come this rain cycle.

I am going to Marsabit next week with a small team from New Life Church, Columbus, Ohio – Pastor Andy, his wife and 4 church members.  We hope to take more food and water.

I wanted to share with you the message from Sammy, PFC Country Director who has led both trips to Marsabit:

“In January I traveled to Marsabit on a mission and for the first time I felt hopeless. I felt hopeless because all the water sources in Marsabit were dried up and when I looked at the villager’ eyes all I could see was hopelessness and despair so much that I didn’t know what to do. The question in my mind had I done my best to serve?  I went back to Nairobi after the mission wondering what more could be done to help. I felt very sad.

Last week I was back in Marsabit to deliver food and water for the people suffering from the drought. I am thankful to all those who donated to the drought fund. Without their support we wouldn’t have been able to help so many people.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of serving the people of Marsabit and look forward to continue serving. God bless”

And here is a message from Pastor Hirbo I received this morning:

“Blessed be the name of our Lord. By His grace we are able to face the tough and hard season of the drought. We request all our partners in the work of the Lord Jesus to pray with us. We are facing a serious season of hunger and thirst. Animals have died and four people (two children and two mothers) have lost their lives so far.  We have declared a fasting prayer for the whole month of March as our contribution to save the lives of children.  All the families in my church will not eat breakfast or lunch as we pray.  We want to give to the most affected areas as much as we can. May God bless you all in Jesus mighty name!”

While people have died the food PFC staff delivered to those in need have prevented hundreds of children from dying. We are committed to do our part to help.

Praying for rain,


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