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Women helping women!

A very special donor has funded the opening of our first sewing school!  With the sewing machines given to us from Mel West, one of the founders of Mobility Worldwide, PFC is opening a sewing school. Women will be taught to sew by a certified sewing instructor. Our first school will have 6 sewing machines – 2 women per machine and 2 classes a day so 24 women will be taught in our first session. These women will learn a valuable skill that can bring them income to support their families.

I asked for donations of sewing notions, scissors and thread for the school. Donna Liberatore spearheaded the collection of the donations. Cris Willis asked people to drop the donations at Parsons. You can see from the photo many women have helped by donating sewing supplies.

Thank you to all who donated, to Donna who asked people to donate and then collected everything and to Cris and the staff at Parsons who accepted the donations.

Packed and ready to go to Kenya on Thursday for our new sewing school

Blessings, Connie

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